Casino data imaging

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Representatives will be on hand to show important additions to GlobalSuite slots, table games, and player data modules at IGT booth One of the oldest and most respected economic consulting firms in the U.

Advertising, Marketing and Sales. February, Parent Company: It starts las vegas casinos 18 Discovery Sessions where CDI and customers meet to review current analysis practices, processes, challenges, corporate goals, and wish lists. Facility Design and Construction. Casino Data Imaging will incorporate the company, which specializes in marketing automation and analytics implementation for casinos, into upcoming projects. The end result is optimized performance and a continual cycle of discovery and development insuring our ability to meet current and future analysis demands. The launch will help maximize product performance to over 1, gaming devices and table games at the casino casino data imaging in Eastern Washington.

GlobalSuite's 2D/3D casino floor view component delivers realistic perspectives of the gaming layout for slots, tables and player activity. Quickly find out "What's. Celebrating our 16th year anniversary, Casino Data Imaging continues to be a leader is data visualization analysis solutions to casinos worldwide. LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - September 14, ) - Today, Casino Data Imaging (CDI), a leader in advanced visualization and analysis.

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